• The ExchangeSOHO

Gross Floor Area

80,510 sq. m.

Office Space

67,829 sq. m.

Retail Space

3,842 sq. m


217 M

The Exchange–SOHO is primely located at the core of the central business district of Nanjing Road West. It is one of the iconic buildings of Shanghai’s Nanjing Road West, as well as one of Shanghai’s tallest skyscrapers at 217 meters tall. The building covers 80,510 square meters of gross floor area, of which 67,829 square meters is dedicated to office space. At present, 95% of the businesses that reside there are worldwide recognized multinational companies. In addition, the first two floors comprise of 3,842 square meters of retail space.

The Exchange–SOHO is situated in the core of ShanghaiNanjing Road West CBD. The commercial heritage and top-notch business-minded planning have made this area completely unique. There you will find a concentration of five-star hotels and high-end shopping facilities, two subway lines, and Yan’an Elevated Road - all within walking distance. The Portman Ritz-Carlton, Plaza 66, and KerryCenter are just footsteps away. Beijing’s CBD and Shanghai’s Nanjing Road West are well known for being the most influential office areas of their respective city. They are alike in that each represents the pinnacle of office space, in terms of the quality and concentration, rent and sales prices, as well as high occupation rates. The entry of domestic small and medium sized enterprises into the Nanjing Road West office area serves to give an indication of those companies’ value.

The Nanjing Road West CBD is outlined by Xinchang Road and Nanjing Road to the east, Ulumuqi North Road and Nanjing Road West to the west, Wuding Road to the north, and Yan’an Zhong Road to the south. It has planned area of 1.8 square kilometers, with 5.65 million square meters of gross floor area. The Jing’an district of which Nanjing Road West is a part is planned to capture as international a character as New York, London, Paris or Tokyo. In 2010, the business district of Nanjing Road West will also be host to an array of international business functions, with up-scale shopping, consumption for trendy lifestyles and sophisticated tastes, and an urban center of refined cityscape.







The Exchange SOHO

No.1486, Nanjing Road West

Jing'an District

Shanghai, China