The Exchange – SOHO is situated on Nanjing Road West, near Yan’an Elevated Road and a 3-minutes walk from the Jing’an Subway Station, which is the transfer station of subway lines 2 and 7. The Exchange – SOHO neighbors on what is a vital transportation hub and shopping center for Shanghai. The Exchange – SOHO is marked by an unparalleled geographical position, complete with subway, highway, airport, and public transportation access, to fully ensure the smooth operation of businesses there.

The Exchange – SOHO is 217 meters in height. The building covers 80,510 square meters of gross floor area, of which 67,829 square meters is dedicated to office space. At present, 95% of the businesses that reside there are worldwide recognized multinational companies, such as Lee, Apple, Dior, AkzoNobel, Sisley, MFG, and Nagase.

Standard accoutrements for office units are as follows: Metallic ceiling, network system wall, painted floor; Carrier (US) central air conditioning system; 13 originally-installed Mitsubishi elevators, which go from floor 1 to 57 in less than 30 seconds. There are 4 in the upper level (floors 38-57), 3 in the mid level (floors 23-37), and 3 in the lower level (floors 1-22). There is one freight elevator and 2 escalators. In addition, there are 120 underground parking spots.

Above the 3rd floor lays the office portion of the building. It is divided into lower (floors 3-22), middle (floors 23-37), and upper (floors 38-57) levels. Each office zone has differing functionality and standard floor configuration. On the 47th floor and below, the standard floor size is 1468 square meters. On the 48th floor and above, it is 1200 square meters.







The Exchange SOHO

No.1486, Nanjing Road West

Jing'an District

Shanghai, China